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Protect Your Little One’s Teeth

Pediatric Dentistry

Whether you’re a new parent looking for a dentist now that you’ve started a family of your own, or if you’ve just moved your family into the St. Clair Shores or Grosse Pointe area, Dr. Cassleman and our team would love to meet you! At St. Clair Tooth Co., we treat kids of all ages and stages of dental health.

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Why Early Pediatric Care Is So Important

The Benefits Of Seeing A Pediatric Dentist

If you’re a new parent, you should bring your child to a St. Clair Shores dentist as soon as they turn one year old, or their first tooth erupts, whichever comes first. This may seem early, but bringing your child to the dentist as soon as you can has a number of benefits:

  • They’ll become familiar with going to the dentist, and it will not seem scary or intimidating when they get older, which helps encourage better oral health.
  • Both you and your child can learn about proper oral care techniques, and you can ask questions about your child’s development.
  • You’ll be able to catch any potential issues such as tooth decay early, allowing you to avoid fillings and other costly procedures.
  • Dr. Cassleman will get to know you and your family and provide personalized care, leading to better oral health outcomes.

Know What To Expect

At Your First Appointment

The particulars of your first appointment at St. Clair Tooth Co. will vary based on the age of your child. If your child is about a year or two years old and does not yet have all of their primary teeth, Dr. Cassleman will perform a basic oral exam, and answer any questions you may have about how to care for your child’s teeth as they develop.

Older children who have most or all of their baby teeth will undergo a more comprehensive oral exam and teeth cleaning. X-rays may also be taken to track their oral development and identify any potential cases of tooth decay. An orthodontic assessment may also be recommended once your child turns 7 years old.

Common Pediatric Treatments

Fluoride, Sealants & More

Beyond standard oral exams and teeth cleanings, there are a few other common preventive treatments that may be recommended for your child. The most common ones at our St. Clair Shores office are fluoride treatments and dental sealants.

Fluoride treatments consist of a special gel or liquid that is high in fluoride and painted onto your child’s teeth. Fluoride helps remineralize teeth and make them stronger, so this treatment is recommended if your child has a minor cavity, or has a high risk of developing cavities.

Dental sealants are similar and consist of a special plastic barrier, which is placed over the rear teeth after they’ve been cleaned. This plastic will stay in place for up to a decade, providing a protective barrier between the enamel and oral bacteria, and eliminating the risk of cavities.

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At St. Clair Tooth Co., Dr. Cassleman specializes in treating children of all ages. With a focus on informative, preventive dentistry, our team can ensure that your child’s teeth remain healthy throughout their childhood and adolescence. If you’re ready to get started or would like to schedule an interview with Dr. Cassleman, please contact us at (586) 404-4911, or drop by our office at 21321 Harper Ave, St. Clair Shores, MI 48080. We hope to see you and your little ones soon!

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