5 Reasons You May Have Tooth Pain

If you’re experiencing any kind of tooth pain or discomfort, you may be wondering how urgent the issue is. The hustle and bustle of daily life can get in the way of getting treatment for your discomfort, so let the dental team at St. Clair Tooth Co. take the guesswork out of oral pain. From teeth grinding to decay, here are a few of the most common causes of tooth pain. If you feel the issue is urgent, schedule an emergency appointment in St. Clair Shores today.

1. Tooth Decay and Infection

Tooth decay is one of the most common causes of oral pain. Cavities can cause pain or discomfort in your tooth, and make it more sensitive. If you do not get treatment for a cavity, the pulp inside your tooth may become infected and inflamed, causing a serious and painful toothache. If you have an infected or decayed tooth, see Dr. Cassleman right away. Without proper treatment, your condition will only get worse, potentially resulting in extraction and replacement. To avoid this, come in for regular cleanings and exams.

2. Teeth Grinding (Bruxism)

Grinding your teeth regularly will cause them to wear down, and may even cause cracks and damage to your teeth. But even if the enamel is not damaged, the pressure of teeth grinding can cause your teeth to ache, and can also cause jaw pain and discomfort. If you think you grind your teeth, see Dr. Cassleman to get a night guard, which can help protect your jaw and your teeth from the painful pressure of nighttime grinding.


Temporomandibular Joint Disorder (also called TMJ/TMD) refers to a dysfunction of the temporomandibular joint, which connects your jaw to your ear. When this joint becomes damaged, inflamed, or knocked out of position, it can cause radiating pain, headaches, and jaw “clicking” or locking. Proper care is required to determine the cause of TMJ/TMD, and address the cause, such as inflammation, damage to the joint, or joint overuse.

4. A Damaged Tooth

If your tooth has been damaged by an oral injury, this can cause serious pain and discomfort. A cracked, chipped, or damaged tooth requires immediate care because damage to your enamel can cause further issues like a tooth infection. The sooner you get care, the better your outcome will be.

5. Pulled-Out or Damaged Dental Work

If you accidentally pull out a crown or a dental filling, the vulnerable enamel of your tooth may be exposed to oral bacteria. The area may feel sensitive, and if you do not have your tooth restored promptly, the tooth can decay further, causing damage and discomfort.

Get Relief from Tooth Pain in St. Clair Shores

If your mouth hurts, there’s a cause, and your pain will most likely not go away on its own. Dr. Cassleman is an expert at diagnosing the source of tooth pain, so you can quickly get back to smiling, pain-free. To make your treatment as easy as possible, we also offer sedation at St. Clair Tooth Co. Rest assured, knowing you can relax during treatment and get long-term relief from the discomfort of your tooth pain. To get started, contact us today at (586) 404-4911, or come to our office near Grosse Pointe at 21321 Harper Ave, St. Clair Shores, MI 48080.

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