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General & Preventive Dentistry

The best way to keep your pearly whites strong is to prevent any dental issues from happening in the first place, or to catch them before they become bigger problems. Regular checkups in St. Clair Shores and general dentistry services like periodontal care and TMD/TMJ treatments will ensure that you and your family have healthy smiles that will last.

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Effective Protection

Fluoride Treatments

Professional fluoride treatments are one of the best ways to protect a smile from harmful bacteria and the development of cavities. Fluoride is a natural mineral that can make the outer surface of your teeth stronger by restoring areas where tooth enamel has been eroded (this process is called “remineralization”). This treatment is completely non-invasive and only takes about 15 minutes to complete. Dr. Cassleman will cover your teeth with the fluoride solution, and once it is absorbed, the remineralization process will begin and your teeth will be less susceptible to cavities.

avoid common issues

Periodontal Care

Periodontal disease (gum disease) is one of the most common dental health issues in the U.S. Almost half of American adults suffer from some form of the disease, and at St. Clair Tooth Co., Dr. Cassleman takes care of your teeth and gums during regular appointments to help you avoid this common, preventable issue. With deep cleanings and a watchful eye, we help our patients in St. Clair Shores avoid gum disease and catch any signs of it early before it becomes more severe or irreversible.

treat pain & discomfort

tmj/tmd treatment

The temporomandibular joint is very delicate and is surrounded by multiple muscles and ligaments. This joint is involved in many daily activities such as chewing and speaking, and temporomandibular joint disorder (TMD/TMJ) can cause severe pain and discomfort. At St. Clair Tooth Co., we offer custom night guards as treatment for TMJ/TMD to ensure that our patients can enjoy their daily routines with comfort and ease.

Remove Decay to Get Out of Pain

gentle extractions

In some cases, Dr. Cassleman may suggest an extraction to get you out of pain or keep a problematic tooth from causing pain or complications for your smile. If a tooth infection is so severe that it can’t be saved by a root canal, or if your wisdom teeth are erupting painfully or in a way that puts other teeth in jeopardy, an extraction could be the best option for you. We also offer restorative solutions to replace missing teeth and improve the appearance of your smile.

Stay Calm and Comfortable

sedation dentistry

Some patients suffer from dental phobia and anxiety, and the team at St. Clair Tooth Co. wants to make sure you develop positive memories of the dentist and your treatment process. We offer sedation dentistry options like nitrous oxide (also called “laughing gas”) that will keep you calm during your procedure, giving you feelings of euphoria. Aside from the ability to manage stress and anxiety, laughing gas is also beneficial because it wears off quickly after your appointment in St. Clair Shores, so you are able to drive yourself home and enjoy the rest of your day.

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