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TMJ/TMD Treatment

Jaw pain can be an indicator of temporomandibular joint dysfunction, also known as TMJ/TMD. If you experience prolonged pain and discomfort in your jaw, you may be suffering from this condition, which can cause a variety of uncomfortable symptoms. At St. Clair Tooth Co., Dr. Cassleman can help with TMJ/TMD treatment options in the St. Clair Shores area that relieve your pain and get you back to enjoying your daily life.

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Understanding TMJ Dysfunction

The Basics Of TMJ/TMD

TMJ/TMD are used synonymously to refer to a dysfunction of the temporomandibular joint. This small, delicate joint is located just below your ear and is responsible for connecting your jaw to your skull. This joint enables you to do things like open your mouth, chew, and speak with ease. If it becomes inflamed, knocked out of position, or infected, TMJ/TMD can result. TMJ/TMD usually has a number of different symptoms, including pain radiating from the jaw joint, soreness of the jaw muscles, headaches, and difficulty opening the jaw. You may even experience “clicking” or “popping” when moving your jaw. In extreme cases, your jaw may even become locked into a single position.  

The Causes


Each case of TMJ/TMD is unique since the condition can be caused by a number of different things. Jaw overuse from chewing too much gum, for example, could cause TMJ/TMD. Arthritis and other inflammatory or autoimmune disorders can also affect the temporomandibular joint, causing pain and discomfort. Another common cause of TMJ/TMD is trauma to the joint. If you slip and hit your head, for example, your joint could become inflamed and damaged. To understand the cause of your TMJ/TMD and get the treatment you need in St. Clair Shores, schedule an appointment at St. Clair Tooth Co. as soon as you can.

Treatment Options


The treatment that is right for you will depend on the cause of your TMJ/TMD. Some minor cases of TMJ/TMD can be resolved with minor lifestyle changes and anti-inflammatory medications. However, more serious cases may require treatment with an “oral appliance,” which can reposition the jaw into a more healthy position and promote proper healing. Corticosteroid injections may also be recommended for patients with TMJ/TMD inflammation, to help the healing process. Orthodontic treatment may be required if an improper bite is causing TMJ/TMD. Surgical intervention is rare but is necessary in some cases where the temporomandibular joint has been severely damaged.

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At St. Clair Tooth Co., Dr. Cassleman specializes in comprehensive dentistry and she will help you understand the causes of your TMJ/TMD and ensure that you get the proper treatment. If you are suffering from jaw pain, get the help you need right away. Contact us at (586) 404-4911, or stop by our office at 21321 Harper Ave, St. Clair Shores, MI 48080 to get started.

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