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Restorative dentistry

Have you run into dental health issues? St. Clair Tooth Co. offers restorative solutions that will bring your smile back to optimal health and give you peace of mind because an expert has repaired the damage. We provide a wide range of services to help our patients restore everything from the smallest cavity to multiple missing teeth. These services include fillings, crowns, root canals, dentures and dental implants. Call today if you are in need of restorative dental care in St. Clair Shores!

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repair cavities

Composite & Amalgam Fillings

Our St. Clair Shores dental office offers two different options for patients looking to repair and restore a tooth that has been damaged by a cavity. Composite fillings are tooth-colored and particularly useful when filling cavities on highly visible teeth. Amalgam fillings are silver in color, and a tried and true method for certain types of cavities. During your appointment, Dr. Cassleman will listen to your needs and offer honest advice to help you decide which filling option is best for you.

save damaged teeth

root canal therapy

This relatively routine procedure is one of the best ways to save a tooth that has been badly damaged by infection or decay. Dr. Cassleman uses a local anesthetic to make your root canal procedure as painless as possible. During treatment, infected pulp will be removed. The canals will then be thoroughly cleaned and filled with gutta-percha, a rubber-like material, in order to protect the nerves of the roots. Once those canals are protected, the tooth is filled as it would be in the case of a cavity or, if necessary, crowned. After your appointment, you’ll leave our St. Clair Shores office with a restored, healthy tooth.

protect tooth structure

dental crowns

Whether your tooth has been damaged by decay or an impact injury, a dental crown can help protect the structure, allowing you to keep your original tooth. By covering and protecting the existing tooth, dental crowns are an affordable, effective restoration. During your appointment, Dr. Cassleman will take impressions of your teeth that will be sent to a lab where your custom crown will be created. When your crown arrives, we will check to make sure it fits perfectly, and Dr. Cassleman will permanently attach it to your tooth.

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replace missing teeth

Partial & Full Dentures

Dentures are very simple, compared to other dental prosthetics. Both partial and full dentures are made out of acrylic plastic or resin, and they are custom designed to mimic the appearance and shape of your natural teeth. Full dentures fit over your gums and replace a whole arch of missing teeth. Partial dentures attach to healthy teeth in your mouth with a wire shaped to your natural arch. Whether you are missing one or multiple teeth, denture options at St. Clair Tooth Co. can help restore your smile and your confidence!

Permanent Replacement Teeth

dental implants

If you are looking for a more permanent solution for missing teeth, dental implants might be the right option for you. The implant process starts with a consultation in St. Clair Shores and an assessment by Dr. Cassleman to determine if your gums and jaw bone are healthy enough to support an implant. If implants are right for you, a specialist will surgically insert a small, titanium post where your missing tooth once was, and when this post heals it mimics a natural tooth root. Dr. Cassleman then permanently adheres a custom crown to your implant that will look and feel natural, and last for a lifetime with proper dental care.

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The St. Clair Tooth Co. team would feel honored to help you restore your smile. If you walk through our door with a damaged tooth, nothing makes us happier than to change your circumstances and restore your health and your confidence. Call the best dentist in St. Clair Shores at (586) 404-4911. You can also feel free to drop by our conveniently located office at 21321 Harper Ave, St. Clair Shores, MI 48080. See you soon!

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