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If you’re missing one or more teeth and are interested in restorative dentistry in St. Clair Shores, Dr. Cassleman is here to help. At our office near St. Clair Shores and Grosse Pointe, we specialize in dental implant restoration. Our restorations are durable, long-lasting, and beautiful, so you can trust that your smile will look and feel its best after your treatment. Schedule a consultation today to learn more about how we can help restore your smile.

Explaining dental implants

Understanding the Basics

What is a Dental Implant?

Dental implants are a method of restoring missing teeth. They consist of two primary parts: 

The dental implant itself
is a small piece of titanium that’s shaped like a screw. It is surgically implanted into your gums and jaw by an oral surgeon and is intended to act as an artificial tooth root.

The second part is the implant restoration. This is what replaces your missing tooth. For a single-tooth implant, Dr. Cassleman will make a dental crown that looks and feels just like a natural tooth. Multiple implants can also be used to support dental bridges and full-arch dentures to restore multiple teeth.

Get your smile back

Dental Implant Restorations

At our St. Clair Shores office, we focus on dental implant restorations. If you are interested in a dental implant, we will refer you to a trusted, highly-qualified oral surgeon in the area to have the implant placed. Then, Dr. Cassleman will work with you to build a dental crown, bridge, or a set of implant-supported dentures that will restore your smile permanently. 

What to expect

The Dental Implant Process

First, Dr. Cassleman will determine if you’re a good candidate for an implant. If you are, she will refer you to an oral surgeon in the area. Your oral surgeon will develop an implant placement plan, then schedule your procedure. 

During your implant surgery, Your mouth will be cleaned and numbed, and the implant will be placed into the socket where your missing tooth used to be. Then, the area will be cleaned and sutured shut, and you will be sent home to heal.

After you heal for a few weeks, you’ll come into our St. Clair Shores office for a follow-up appointment. Dr. Cassleman will ensure that your mouth is healing properly, and she will begin taking impressions of your smile and images of your teeth. This information will be used to build your dental implant restoration.

Once your mouth has fully healed, you’ll come in for a final consultation. Dr. Cassleman will examine your mouth, ensure that your dental restoration fits properly, and then bond it into place permanently to complete the procedure.

After dental implants

does it hurt

to get a dental implant?

The process of dental implant surgery doesn’t hurt at all. Your mouth will be numb during your procedure, and you can also be sedated if you wish to remain more comfortable throughout your surgery at St. Clair Tooth Co

Additionally, getting a dental implant is much less invasive compared to some other types of oral surgery, like a tooth extraction. This means your recovery will be shorter and won’t cause as much discomfort, compared to these procedures.

However, once you head home after your treatment in St. Clair Shores and your numbing/sedation wears off, you will likely feel some pain and discomfort. The area may also swell, and you may have issues like bleeding and bruising near the dental implant site. 

The good news is that this will fade within a few days. Make sure to follow the recovery instructions provided by Dr. Cassleman to speed up the process and reduce your discomfort as you heal. It may take up to 1-2 weeks for your mouth to heal from implant placement, depending on your case and how you care for your mouth as you recover.

How long

Do dental implants last?

For all intents and purposes, dental implants are permanent. Most patients will keep their implants for the rest of their lives. As long as you brush and floss and get regular checkups to ensure the gums around your implant don’t become infected, the implant will never fail. More than 90% of implants are still in place after 30 years.

However, it is important to distinguish the lifespan of the implant itself from the lifespan of the implant restoration, like a dental crown. Unlike the metal implant post, a restoration like a dental crown is subjected to a lot of wear & tear over the years, and may need to be replaced every 10-20 years or so. Replacing a worn-out restoration is a simple procedure, and requires no surgery.

what happens if

my implant is damaged?

Damage to the implant itself, meaning the small piece of titanium implanted into your jaw, is rare. That’s because it’s protected by your gums and your dental implant restoration, such as a dental crown.

However, in some cases, the implant can become damaged, usually by dental trauma. The implant may also fail if the nearby gums become infected due to improper oral hygiene (peri-implantitis). If this happens, it’s usually possible to remove the implant, strengthen the area with a bone graft, and then replace the implant with a new one.

It’s much more common for dental implant restorations, like dental crowns, to become damaged. If your crown cracks, looks worn-out, or is loose or falls out, it’s usually possible to replace it without any changes to the implant itself. Dr. Cassleman will simply build and place a new restoration.

This is one reason why regular teeth cleanings and checkups are important for your oral health after getting an implant. Dr. Cassleman can check on the health of your implant and the condition of your restoration, and ensure everything looks good.

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