Laughing Gas At The Dentist: What To Expect

With nitrous oxide (laughing gas), you can relax while you get the dental care you need from Dr. Carly Cassleman at St. Clair Tooth Co. But you may be wondering what to expect if you choose to be sedated with laughing gas. In this blog, we’ll discuss everything you need to know before your appointment.

How Do I Prepare For Nitrous Oxide Sedation At St. Clair Tooth Co.? 

Let’s start with appointment preparation. Unlike other methods of sedation, you don’t really need to do anything special for nitrous oxide sedation. It’s a very minimal type of sedation. You don’t need to fast (avoid eating or drinking except water), or take any pills before your appointment.

However, we do recommend that you avoid eating a big meal within 2 hours before your appointment. Nitrous oxide can make you feel nauseated, and having a very full stomach may worsen this nausea, and make you more likely to feel sick or even throw up. For obvious reasons, you’ll want to avoid that, if possible!

Other than that, simply dress comfortably and make sure you arrive at our office on time. Our team will walk you through every step of the sedation process, and make sure you feel safe, secure, and comfortable during your appointment at St. Clair Tooth Co.

What Can I Expect During My Appointment? How Does Laughing Gas Sedation Feel?

Before your procedure begins, Dr. Cassleman will fit a comfortable mask over your nose. She will adjust it and send a flow of oxygen and laughing gas into your lungs. Just breathe in through your nose whenever she asks you to do so.

The gas will take effect immediately. You will feel a bit disconnected from what’s happening around you. You may even find things happening around you to be funny or strange, which is where the term “laughing gas” comes from. 

However, you will still understand everything that’s happening around you. You’ll be fully conscious, and you can answer questions and respond to commands. You’ll just feel a little different, and you’ll be much more calm and comfortable. Nitrous oxide even helps reduce your gag reflex, and helps reduce any potential discomfort or pain from your treatment.

What Happens After My Treatment Is Over? 

When your appointment ends, Dr. Cassleman will adjust the flow of gas into your mask. She will send pure oxygen into your lungs, which helps remove any remaining laughing gas. This step helps reduce any after-effects of sedation.

You may still feel a little bit confused or dizzy after your appointment, and you may be nauseous or have a headache. However, you will be able to drive yourself home, and even go back to work or school. Your reflexes, motor skills, and mental functions won’t be impaired at all. This makes nitrous oxide a great sedation option if you have a busy schedule.

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